After learning the basics in classes, we always come up with lots of questions and road blocks when we finally get set up and start working on our own.  And then there are those times when you've reached an impasse in your work or just need to review a certain technique.

A consultation can get you going again.

Make a list and we'll go through each item.

Private Consultations can be tailored to meet your needs in both Fabrication and Metal Clay.

I might do some demos but this is not a hands-on class.

This is a one-on-one session so you have undivided attention.

Private Consultation sessions are $65 per hour


Contact me to reserve some  time!



Private lessons are a great way to accommodate various learning styles and schedules. Sessions are $75/hr and can be structured and mapped to your individual goals. Most sessions are structured in 3 hour blocks, but can be structured to fit your specific requirements.


For custom lesson structure or multiple students/groups please contact  me and we can make a plan for your specific needs.