Treasure Necklaces

Instructor:  Kay Seurat
Date:  PLEASE INQUIRE -  Class schedules are generated by your requests!
Class Fee:  $45    3 hour Class

The basics of necklace construction and design are covered and with that accomplished, students are free to be their most creative.

Jewelry retrieved from your own jewelry boxes (single earrings, keepsakes, etc), found objects and baubles are transformed into a work of wearable art.

Trading treasures among students is  great fun, and items from Kay’s treasure troves are available for purchase.

No Experience Necessary.

This is a great class to enjoy with a group of friends.

Lost Wax Casting Workshop

In September, 2014,  Nancy Hoyt taught a 2-day Lost Wax Casting workshop at Kay Seurat Studios.
Nancy has 39 years experience in this ancient/modern technique and sells her work world-wide; she is a fantastic instructor as well.

We learned many wax carving techniques, the investing and burn-out process, casting with a centrifuge, clean up, and on top of all that, Nancy threw in lots of bench tips, making the workshop an amazing learning experience!

If you'd like to attend this workshop in the future please let us know.