• Get a good foundation for your metalsmithing pursuits by starting with the Basics of Metalsmithing. You can choose to take this as a 7-week course (1day per week) or a 5-day course (5 days per week)

  • Give yourself the opportunity to practice, hone new skills and start creating amazing work with Open Studio Hours

  • When things are not going well, schedule some Troubleshooting Time with me to get to the heart of the problem and get back on track.

  • Once you've got the basics mastered, and you're ready to learn some new techniques to set your work apart, so sign up for an Intermediate Class

  • Try a completely different way to work with Silver in the Metal Clay Classes. And it's another great way to add embellishments to your fabricated pieces.

  • And so you know how things work, be sure to read Studio Policies