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Open Studio Hours

To Sign Up

1. purchase a pass for one session or a block of 4 sessions

     One 3-hour session = $60

     Four 3-hour sessions = $180

     Payment Options

      - MC or Visa send me you card information at      

      - Paypal (use my email address

      - Paypal Request (if you don't have a PP acct I can send a request)

       - Check (Mail to Kay Seurat, POB 5661, Boise, Id 83705)

What you need to know:
Studio Hours are available for students who have completed the 5-day or 7-week Basics class or the equivalent somewhere else. These sessions don't include training or coaching.  You are purchasing use of the space, tools & equipment.
I'll be here to maintain safe practices, etc. and some help with a few reminders on things you have previously learned.
You can make the best use of your studio time by reviewing your class notes and planning your projects ahead of time.

If you need more than reminders, you are encouraged to sign up for a Basics or intermediate classes, a private session or a troubleshooting session.
Participants are responsible for their own materials (metals, gemstones) and consumables (sandpaper, sawblades etc.)
Students are expected to be respectful of the tools and equipment, and to only use tools that they have received safety training on during previous classes. If you damage a tool through abuse or misuse, you will be expected to pay for it.

No production work.

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