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A good foundation for your metalsmithing pursuits starts with the Basics of Metalsmithing. This overview introduces you to the techniques you need to create all kinds of amazing jewelry.  

You can choose to take this as a

7-week course (3 hours, 1 day per week) or a

5-day Intensive (6 hours per day for 5 days)

DEEP DIVE SESSIONS - New this year!

This is a more comprehensive look at the basic techniques where you have time to 

  • hone your skills with the tools & equipment

  • start to master the techniques

  • complete some exciting new projects.

There are 6 sessions, 12 hours each.


These classes introduce new techniques and take you step by step through the process of creating your projects.


Please note }}}}} My regular one-day Metal Clay classes are still available, but not officially on the calendar. Because it's easy to fit in a one-day class, just let me know when you'd like to take it and I'll see what I can do for you!


If you're not ready to set up your own workspace you can start here in the studio. It's a great way to learn which tools and equipment you'll want when the time comes to set up your own.


When you run into snags and need a little help, schedule a one-on-one Troubleshooting  session with me to get to the heart of the problem and get back on track.

STUDIO POLICIES  be sure to read this so you know how things work.



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