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Metal Clay Basics

Instructor:  Kay Seurat

2024 Class Dates:

Classes will start up again in March.

I'll begin scheduling in February. If you're ready to get started 

send me a message,, and let me know what

dates/times would work for you. I'll do my best to take this into

account when I'm setting up the calendar.

Class Fee:   

Open enrollment: $145.00

Semi-Private: $175.00

Private: $240.00

Materials Fee:  For bracelet: Currently $85.00 and is dependent

on the current price of silver) 


All the basics you need to know to work successfully with Silver Metal Clay. The class project is a sampler bracelet.

This is an introduction to metal clay. The fundamental techniques for working with the clay, including rolling, texturing, cutting, stamping, joining, controlling moisture content and finishing are demonstrated along with tips and tricks to ensure success. 

The class project is a sampler bracelet which gives students a chance to try out several different techniques and design ideas. Making toggle clasps, assembling and fitting bracelets will also be covered.

No experience necessary. 

Danette Henderson bracelet 72_edited.jpg
Amanda Richardson bracelet_edited.jpg
round 2handle blk bkg.jpg
E, 3 drop brass silver beads.jpg
N, flourite, 9 drops 2-08.jpg
Sally Stevens bracelet a_edited.jpg
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