Please Note - below is information for previous classes. Improvements & upgrades are in the works.

While the basic skills covered will be the same, a new format is intended to make them even better!

Class size options and pricing to be determined.

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Metal Clay Basics

Instructor:  Kay Seurat

Dates:  PLEASE INQUIRE -  Class schedules are generated by your requests!

Class Fee:     Materials Fee:  Currently $ and is dependent on the current price of silver)


All the basics you need to know to work successfully with Silver Metal Clay. The class project is a sampler bracelet...create it in the morning, assemble & finish it in the afternoon & wear it home. 

This introduction to Metal Clay provides an overview of Metal Clay’s background and product line. The fundamental techniques for working with the clay, including rolling, texturing, cutting, stamping, joining, controlling moisture content and finishing are demonstrated along with tips and tricks to ensure success. 

The class project is a sampler bracelet which gives students a chance to try out several different techniques and design ideas. Making toggle clasps, assembling and fitting bracelets will also be covered.

No experience necessary. 

Hollowforms and Keum Boo

Instructor:  Kay Seurat

Dates: PLEASE INQUIRE -  Class schedules are generated by your requests!

Class Fee:  $  Materials Fee:  Dependent on the current price of metals


Students  explore the amazing versatility of Metal Clay. Hollowforms , which are the basis for larger and three dimensional forms, can be created in many ways, and three of the most useful will be presented, including paste layers and both flat and shaped slab construction, to create all kinds of vessels and boxes.


Three Hollowform objects will be created and after firing (mid-day of the 2nd day) students will learn about Keum Boo, an ancient Korean technique for adding a layer of 24k gold embellishment to the fired Silver. Students will learn how to handle the thin gold sheets and apply them to their pieces. 


Experience: Metal Clay Basics or similar